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Devotion In Design

Each and every furniture from NABŎ is dedicatedly designed and crafted by in-house designers and craftsmen to redefine relations between materials, forms and the needs of modern day’s people.


The Vessel and The Carried

Inspired by the great furniture designer Finn Juhl, NABŎ appreciates the concept of ‘’The carrying element, and the carried’’. We endeavour to source the finest quality of textile, leather, paper cord & etc to be presented with the furniture.

The Foundation of Furniture

At NABŎ, we understand material forms the fundamental basis of a quality furniture. Our designers work closely with craftsmen to explore and study the best materials to construct furniture with lasting quality.

Environment Friendly Material

Apart from experimenting with new materials, it is our duty to ensure the materials are sourced responsibly.

To Ensure Durability

Compromise on workmanship is not acceptable, thus each and every NABŎ furniture is handcrafted by experienced craftsmen and is undergone a series of quality audits before dispatch.


Furniture Is More Than a Static Tool

We price client's vision and customer needs as our building block, we build furniture that shapes your dream spaces.